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We supply direct to chefs, restaurants, resorts and agents all over the world and we can supply you the best quality Sea Vegetables and Seaweeds grown in Australia.

This can be done on a as needed order or a regular weekly or fortnightly order.

We are the pioneers and the original growers - our produce is highly awarded.

Due to the constant short notice lockdowns, agents and providores are finding it hard and they are getting left with produce that has to be thrown away.

We are finding more restaurants and chefs are now preferring to order direct.

We send it to you in over night express and it arrives the next day in major cities and metropolitan areas.

Our produce has a longer shelf life with the natural salt from the pure and real salt water that it is grown in, unlike the produce grown indoors in greenhouses.

Our produce can be unrefrigerated for a few days and if not delivered the next day, it will last in quality condition. If it does not arrive in quality condition we will replace.

All our produce is well discounted for foodservice and chefs direct orders.

We can send any amount from one punnet to as many kilos as you need.

We can send sample punnets of your choice for you to try if postage is paid. 

+61 0402383352
+61 0410362352
Or contact an agent below
Sydney Market Agents
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Melbourne Market Agent
Seeking Agent - contact us if you want to supply our produce and you have a stand at the Melbourne Produce Markets
Brisbane Market Agent
Seeking Agent - contact us if you want to supply our produce and you have a stand at the Brisbane Produce Markets
Since the lockdowns started we have lost some of our agents and providores selling our produce as the hospitality industry cops in hard. We thank them all for their service and hope all businesses in the industry get through these very difficult times. 

Through Public Demand

Fresh Produce / Seafood Retail

We are expanding our sales into the retail section and welcome any Seafood or up market fruit & vegetable retailers that wants to supply our produce to their customers. If you have a retail outlet and you would like to stock our produce please contact us.

           Marine Greens from
Snowy River Station are true sea vegetables and unique gourmet seaweeds that are grown in a natural marine environment.

Not indoor in greenhouses.

Our produce has a distinctive sea and salty flavor.

This can not be matched by our competitors indoors.  

If you are a quality chef ensure you use the best quality produce, the original and the best are Marine Greens from Snowy River Station.

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Beach Bananas, Sea Spray, Neptune's Beard and Sea Pasta are Registered Trade Marks of Snowy River Station 
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